The firm handles eminent domain issues such as:


• Total/partial property takings

• Condemnation/inverse condemnation

• Severance damage claims

• Business damage claims

• Cost to cure damages

• Valuation of equipment, trade fixtures

and personal property

• Business relocation and disruption

• Pre-condemnation blight

• Billboards and outdoor

advertising claims

• Easements

• Change in road grade

• Drainage issues

• Wetland mitigation

• Water, sewer and septic issues

• Utility issues

• Road access issues

• Zoning issues


In the simplest of terms, eminent domain is when a government authority or utility seeks to take
all or a portion of your property for a public purpose, such as the construction or expansion of a
public highway.


Patchen Law represents private property owners, corporations, business owners, homeowners, and associations in actions throughout the State of Florida involving a government taking.  There are strict laws in place that the government must follow to prove the need for the condemned property.  Patchen Law will fight the condemnation proceeding with the objective of either keeping your property or ensuring you receive full and just compensation.


Notably, Florida is one of the few states that require a condemning authority to pay a property owner’s attorneys’ fees and costs.  The public policy behind this is to “level the playing field” so that the government does not have the upper hand in taking an owner’s property.  Full compensation is to ensure the property owner is restored to an equal position financially as he or she would have been if the property had never been taken.


The firm works with a list of experts to assist in the evaluation and analysis of the government’s project plans.  We will then guide you step-by-step through the eminent domain process, making sure that your rights are protected and that you are fully informed about how the project will affect your property, its value and your future.

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